Diet plan
€50 4 weeks plan

Started on 2023.09.22.


The diet is completely made for you! I will send you a question list for that (what kind of food you like from the list, any allergie, how many times you can go to gym, working hours…). Every weekend if you can, you should send full body picture (in sport bra and short or tank top) empty stomach with your weight as well so I can update your diet plan if needed every two weeks, compared to the results of your work. : )

I teach you how to change your lifestyle into healthy living so you will not look as it as a simple diet. Help you with tips and tricks, recipes, how to make different meals with similar ingredients so you can keep some variation.

During this period you are able to reach out to me 24/7 by email or whatsapp.

Personalized diet plan prices:

4 weeks plan: €50
8 weeks plan: €80
12 weeks plan: €120
16 weeks plan: €150